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I'm Russian girl, student, artist and cosplayer.

My new Doctor Who companion costume in progress~
Clara’s dress from “Name of the Doctor” 
I wos found similar dress and alter this.
And now I wait new wig. I hope it’s will be good

Lana Del Rey stylephoto by DorianI’m flower giiirllll ♥

Lana Del Rey style
photo by Dorian
I’m flower giiirllll ♥


Hank Green. You’re bloody cool.


Hank Green. You’re bloody cool.

nogitsunefoxstiles asked: Hi i was wondering if you could help me, i was looking at your black widow cosplay and it looks amazing! So well done! But im having trouble myself finding certain parts to complete my own cosplay of her. I was hoping if you remembered where you got the utlity belt and the gun holsters that are attached to it from? Be much appreciated if you could help!

Oh, thank you, dear~
My utility belt and gun hostels wos made from liquid plastic and are attached to the belts by flypaper and glue

 I don’t want eternal glory.

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The countries of Europe (inspired by x)

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